Walk into this shed and maybe you’ll find the car you learnt to drive in or the car Granddad owned when you were little. Our collection which includes Morris, Austin, Triumph, Rover, Armstrong-Sidley and the unforgettable Ford Prefect will bring back memories for many visitors.

One of the most interesting cars in this shed is the 1922 Jewett, an American car with a boat-tail rear end.

We also have the Royal Blue, Series 1 Landrover used by the Queen during her visit to New Zealand in 1953. For a bit of fun, we let our visitors stand on the back where the Queen stood, and have their photo taken .
The cars in this shed range from the 1920s to the 1980s and to add interest we also have mannequins clothed in period clothing, starting from 1920 and going though to 1980.