We have a selection of WW2 military weapons including antique firearms, ceremonial and combat uniforms from 1850 – 1945, Army trucks, Daimler Ferret Scout Car, Jeeps, motorbikes and a Flying Tournapull that was parachuted into Pacific islands for airfield reconstruction work. We also have Bofors anti-aircraft gun and a gun turret off the WW2 Cruiser HMNZS Achilles.

On display are engines used for both marine and aeronautical use, including a rare Packard/Merlin Mustang engine, the 12-cylinder Napier Lion engine (“W” configuration) a 1932 Lycoming radial engine and the Gypsy Moth engine used in the Tiger Moth.

The ordnance includes a WWI 4.5″ Howitzer, black powder cannons used for signalling, and a naval gun turret from the HMNZS Achilles.