1913 Albion

Starting the 1913 Albion for the first time in 30 years.

The vehicle was used in WW1 as a troop carrier and came to NZ in 1919 when much of the NZ equipment was shipped back.
The vehicle then sometime later was sold to a farmer who farmed alongside the Makuri Stream, close to the Makuri township, south-west of Paihiatua.
The troop carrier body was removed and a winch attached, a pulley added to the rear axle drive in place of the chain drive. The vehicle was positioned on a sharp bend of the Makuri Stream on the farm, a bend that used to flood during the winter and bigger storms.
The winch was fitted with a dredge which was pulled upstream by a Clydesdale horse (or Two) and then the Albion was started and it would dredge the sharp bend in the stream clear to allow the water to flow.

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