All Packards were delivered with a plain cap and the new owner could purchase whatever ornament desired. The price ranged from $10.00 to $20.00 ( Around $300 – $400 in Todays Currency ).

Packard Motor Mascot, nicknamed the “Wings”. It was a pair of wings locked under the motor meter.

Introduced in 1924: Packard Deluxe Emblem, nicknamed the “Flying Lady” because she had wings. It came in 6 different styles.


Daphne at the Well or the “Adonis Emblem” (1928). The advertising men felt that Adonis would have a better sales appeal than Daphne. Adonis was a legendary figure from Greek mythology.

The Pelican (1931) nicknamed the “Cormorant” was a highly stylised design to tie in with the family coat of arms.